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SPF is the abbreviation of spruce-pine-fir, which is a combination of the main commercial softwood species from Canada. Canada's vast forest produces the finest quality softwood wood in the world. SPF wood is a good choice for builders and contractors in the international market due to its slow fiber growth, high strength and easy processing. The kiln-dried SPF wood is light in weight, strong in stability, good in processability, beautiful in texture, and abundant in supply, making it the best choice for building and structural materials.


The trunk of the spruce is tall and straight, with few sections, slightly soft material, straight and uniform texture, fine structure, easy processing and good resonance performance. It can be used for construction, aircraft, musical instruments (piano, violin), boat, furniture, utensils, boxes, planed plywood and thin wood, as well as wood fiber industrial raw materials.


The wood texture is straight, the structure is fine and uniform, the material is solid and resistant to water and humidity. It can be used for construction, aircraft, boat, furniture, utensils and wood fiber industry raw materials. The trunk can be cut into resin, the bark contains enamel, and the baking glue can be extracted; the seed can be pressed.

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Chongqing Chensen Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise with many years of experience in the timber market, combined with the changing needs of the modern market, and its transformation is to expand the imported materials market and develop into imported decorative materials and building materials. , the first-class supplier of furniture materials.

The company currently operates spruce sheet, SPF sheet, Chongqing wood strip, Chongqing Jiasong, imported wood, dried planed wood, ancient wood, southern pine, keel, SPF manufacturers, etc., can process all kinds of keel , sofa strips, decorative strips, etc., products are exported to Chongqing, Hubei, Kunming, Yunnan, Guiyang, Guizhou, Chengdu, Sichuan and other regions. The products on the Ali platform include SPF sheet, southern pine, yellow cedar, ash, Chile pine, Brazilian pine, and various processing strips, which can be divided into plates at different prices according to grades and specifications.

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SPF is versatile and its high strength properties excel in construction and structural engineering. In addition, its color, texture and ease of processing are also particularly suitable for furniture, interior decoration, etc., and are widely used. The material of SPF is similar to the material of Russian material that is often used in China, so it is easy for consumers to accept it.

Southern pine sapwood is nearly white to light yellow, orange-white, with obvious heartwood, pale reddish brown or light brown. Contains more resin and clear growth wheel. Bay oil pine early material belt is wider, short-leaf pine is narrower, and the transition between early and late timber changes rapidly. Thin-walled tissue and wood rays are invisible, with longitudinal and transverse resin channels and a distinct resin odor. The wood texture is straight but uneven. The strength of the bay pine and long-leaf pine is higher, and the other two are slightly lower. Corrosion resistance is moderate, but antiseptic treatment is not easy.