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Chongqing Chensen Timber Co., Ltd, founded in 2011, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is an emerging enterprise with years of timber business precipitation and integration and transformation combined with the changing needs of the modern market. Company based in chongqing, chengdu, west radiation, through the combination of online and offline sales model, the company to vigorously expand imports spruce, pine in the stable development of the western market as the goal, committed to the development of become imported plate decorative materials, building materials, furniture materials and provide first-class supplier orders for customer service. After years of development, our company has established a firm foothold in the southwest region by virtue of the good reputation and core competitiveness accumulated in the industry for a long time. Our target customers are now all over the west and some peripheral regions, and the customer groups are broad, including architecture, landscape, decoration companies, wooden structure companies, packaging companies, furniture factories and so on. And will gradually move forward to a larger and broader market.

The company mainly trade, operating products are mainly tree species Spruce, Redwood, Pine, Larch and other planed drying materials and wet materials. Our company has established long-term friendly cooperation with high-quality sawn timber suppliers in different countries. Currently, in response to China’s One Belt One Road strategy, the source of raw materials is mainly Russia, which is transported by China-Europe special train, and supplemented by European and American countries, which are traditionally transported by sea.