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Spruce is a light-colored wood that is often dried and not shaved. Spruce is an excellent timber species with relatively light growth wheel shape. Its wood is very straight, easy to cut, can be used for construction, bridge timber. Spruce trees grow more slowly and have a longer growth period, so they have a longer time to create the perfect line of texture. The original tone of spruce wood can be fully displayed when making furniture, looking very natural and harmonious, tough but light.


The strength properties of the spruce side vary greatly depending on the harvested land, and most of the strength properties are comparable to those of the Sequoia. The air dry material (water content is about 12%) has medium bending strength and poor compressive strength. The wood material is soft and the surface is easy to be scored and not wearable. The density of spruce wood is medium. According to reports, the spruce material produced in Central Europe and Eastern Europe has good acoustic resonance performance, and is suitable for making sound boards of piano, violin, guitar and other instruments.