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        Chongqing chensen building materials co., LTD., relying on the family wood business precipitation for many years, combined with the status of imported wood in the market is heating up, to vigorously expand the import of wood in the western market steady development as the goal, to provide more suitable products and services for customers for the mission, the establishment of the company. Based in chongqing, the company radiates to the west, and vigorously develops chongqing and chengdu as the central areas of the west. With mature sales network and stable customer resources, the company will import materials from North America into the market of panel decoration materials, building materials and furniture materials. Through the combination of online and offline sales model, combined with the modern market demand integration transformation of emerging enterprises, the aim is to vigorously expand imports materials market, committed to the development of become the import and sale of sheet metal to provide first-class customer service supplier order type, be first vision of professional area, after years of development, now our company has deep root in the southwest area, to the larger, more wide market.

        At present, the company's main operating products include SPF (Spruce Spruce - Pine - Fir), Spruce, hemlock, red Pine, Chile Pine, southern Pine and other drying planer light dry materials and semi-dry materials, supporting processing plants to provide processing integration services, such as all kinds of keel, decorative bar, sofa bar, sofa board. The products on ali platform are: SPF gasson, spruce, hemlock, red pine, Chile pine, southern pine, OSB board and all kinds of processed strip, which can be divided into different prices according to grade and specification.

The company's current inventory includes: SPF, spruce, hemlock, red pine, Chile pine, southern pine and so on. The morphological characteristics and main values of some of the products are as follows:

        SPF is an abbreviation for spruce - pine - fir and is a major commercial softwood timber tree group from Canada. Wood straight, fine texture; Heartwood is milky white, light yellow or light brown, sapwood is milky white; Soft material, light quality, excellent durability, not easy to warp deformation; Good nailing performance; Adhesive, color and paint performance is good; Mainly used for building, mill utensils, panes, doors, wood ornaments, panels, fine wood furniture, ordinary furniture, toys, crafts, musical instrument components, jewelry boxes, boxes, bats, veneer, wooden nails and templates. Mainly applicable to: concrete forming blank formwork, building frame, floor joists and wall components, inclined beam or structural materials, compartment Angle materials, panels, indoor wire board, tone-and-groove wall board, bookshelf, indoor wall board, laminate and packaging materials, etc., can be made of pallet, cushion board, packing boxes.

        European spruce is a pinaceae plant of the genus spruce. Evergreen trees; Bark thin, scaly; Branches usually in rotation; Leaves linear, spirally arranged, usually tetragonal, with a line of pores on each side, or sometimes flat, with only white lines of pores on the top. In January 2014, scientists at Umea University in Sweden discovered the world's oldest tree, the European spruce, in a mountain range in central Sweden, with roots that are 9,500 years old and still growing. The three commercially important spruce species in British Columbia are the ingleman spruce, the western white spruce and the west Canada spruce. Generally speaking, spruce wood is light in color. Mostly white to light yellow, with little difference between sapwood and heartwood. The growth wheel is light in shape, usually vertical, non - porous, fine to medium in texture.

        Purpose: the engman spruce and the western white spruce are part of the SPF tree species and are widely used for structural and non-structural purposes. Because of its ease of molding and bonding, the spruce is used in shipbuilding. Because of its resonance quality, it is also used as a sounding board for grand pianos, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. Because it is stronger than a steel component of the same weight, gasee spruce is also used to build flyover modules