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Sofa board
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Sofa board
Sofa board

The sofa board is strictly a dry planed wood . In the winter, the indoor heating is open and the free formaldehyde in the soft bed of the sofa in the summer is excessive. There will be a pungent odor, especially for sensitive adults and young children. Another important criterion is that the nail holding force is better, and it is necessary to have a bonding force when the nail is applied to the side. This is a challenge for the two standards of using the environmentally friendly glue and the nail holding force. Because the glue is more environmentally friendly, the lower the adhesion of the glue, so some small factories are reluctant to use the environmentally friendly and nail-bearing plates. In order to reduce costs, they can only choose one of them without opening the glue. The third point is that the flatness is good. The inner frame of the sofa must be thickened on both sides. Because the combination of the inner frame structure of the soft furniture and the wood is not the structure of the nail, the joint must be flat. Do not leave a gap with the wooden side, otherwise the place will be awkward and will make annoying noise, which seriously affects the quality of the sofa and the reputation of the product.

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