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What are the uses and advantages of SPF sheet?

SPF sheet can be said to be industrial sheet or building sheet. This material is produced abroad and has good toughness and anti-mite performance. It can be used as building materials or as furniture. It stands in the perspective of industry and construction industry. Look, this material is an advantage.

SPF sheet is the English abbreviation of spruce pine fir, which is the main commercial conifer combination in Canada. SPF has a rich softwood forest in Canada. It is understood that Canada has a large area of coniferous forest resources, its forest coverage rate reaches about 59% of the land area, with a total area of about 5882300 square kilometers, of which about 80% is coniferous forest. Due to better management in Canada, conifer growth is greater than harvest, and resource advantages are obvious. In addition, in terms of price, compared with most Russian coniferous wood prices above 2,000 yuan / cubic meter, most SPF prices below 2000 yuan / cubic meter are clearly more competitive in the market.

SPF sheets are obviously white wood. The wood looks bright and clean. The color ranges from white to light yellow. The lines are fine and the texture is smooth. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is known for its excellent handling properties. It has good nails and grips, and both manual and power tools are easy to operate. Good adhesion, lacquering and coloring. The wood is mainly suitable for: concrete forming blank formwork, house frame, floor grille and wall component, inclined beam or structural material, car corner material, jigsaw, inner wire plate, entrance wall panel, bookshelf, interior wall panel, laminate and packaging material. Can be made into trays, buffer boxes, and boxes.

The forests in northern Canada are very cold. SPF wood grows slowly in this cold climate, with a compact texture and small knots, which is conducive to the production of straighter and more stable wood. These three wood composite materials have the characteristics of high straightness, high strength-to-weight ratio, strong processability, reasonable price and strong usability, and have been widely used in the construction industry. In 2011, Canada's SPF ranked top in China's imported timber, which is enough to prove the popularity of SPF in the Chinese timber market and the successful promotion of the Canadian Timber Association in the Chinese market.

Visual inspection of SPF sheet: no defects, no defects, no bending, bending, deformation. Strength and appearance are the main features. No blue changes, no cracks, no edges, no decay. Very good building materials. Used in buildings, architectural frames, slab joists and wall components. Mechanical stress levels loose the SPF board mechanical stress level (MSR) wood. Less defects. Strength and staple fiber properties are the main features. Classified according to stress. Cover 2 nLGA, 1650 or 2100. Determine the strength of the wood. Trusses and components for buildings and roofs. The key to strength is the large span. No further processing.

SPF plate straight wood grain, fine texture; heart material is milky white, light yellow or light brown, sapwood is milky white; soft material, light weight, excellent durability, not easy to warp; good nail performance; good adhesive, coloring and coating performance; Mainly used in construction procurement products industry, mill tools, panels, doors, wood decoration, paneling, cabinets, joinery, general furniture, toys, handicrafts, musical instrument components, jewelry boxes, boxes, bats, veneers, dowels and templates .