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Appearance characteristics of SPF sheet

SPF sheet is a kind of imported wood. This kind of wood has high toughness and strength. It is widely used in construction by major builders. It can be used as ceiling material and other decorative materials, and it can also be used in the production industry. The use is very extensive.

SPF sheets are slow to grow, high in strength and easy to process, making them the choice of builders and contractors on the international market. The kiln dry PF wood is light in weight, strong in stability, good in processability, beautiful in appearance and abundant in supply. It is the choice of building and structural materials. SPF species have some similar characteristics. These trees are medium in size, 26m in diameter and up to 80 cm in diameter. They are cold-tolerant species that grow slowly in the northern climate and produce good texture and nodular fibers. SPF drying is easy and uniform. SPF wood is light, clean and bright, with colors ranging from white to light yellow. The texture is straight and smooth. After drying, the strength is high and the performance is stable. It has excellent processability and is suitable for slotting and drilling.

SPF sheets are obviously white wood. The wood looks bright and clean. The color ranges from white to light yellow. The lines are fine and the texture is smooth. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is known for its excellent handling properties. It has good nails and grips, and both manual and power tools are easy to operate. Good adhesion, lacquering and coloring. Kiln dry wood is used as a structural frame material for all types of construction: residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural. SPF has a rich softwood forest in Canada. This tree species combination has become the most widely used tree species combination in the construction industry due to its straightness, strength to weight ratio, processability, value and effectiveness. Because SPF grows slowly in the cold boreal forests of Canada, its compact structure and small number of sections contribute to the production of straighter and more stable wood.

SPF rating: surface appearance / appearance inspection. No defects, no defects, no bending, bending and distortion. Strength and appearance are the main features. Used in buildings, architectural frames, slab joists and wall components. Furniture/decorative materials, right-angled side appearance/visual inspection materials. There are few defects, few defects, and few bends, bends, and distortions. Strength and appearance are the main features. A 2-stage seal with NLGA. The utility grade (level 3) NLGA classification rules are practical. Use is similar to economic level. Less processing loss. Under construction materials. Temporary construction project. Suitable for post processing. Refers to wood billets. Door/window blank. Furniture and pallet production.

SPF sheets are used in a wide range of applications. Its high strength properties are outstanding in construction and structural engineering. In addition, its color, texture and machinability are also particularly suitable for furniture, interior decoration, etc., and are widely used. Rich in resources and low in price. It is understood that Canada has a large area of coniferous forest resources, its forest coverage rate reaches about 59% of the land area, with a total area of about 5882300 square kilometers, of which about 80% is coniferous forest. Due to better management in Canada, conifer growth is greater than harvest, and resource advantages are obvious. In addition, in terms of price, compared with most Russian coniferous wood prices above 2,000 yuan / cubic meter, most SPF prices below 2000 yuan / cubic meter are clearly more competitive in the market.