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Use of spruce sheet

Spruce sheet is mainly made of spruce. It can be used in the manufacturing industry or in the construction industry. This product has high strength and environmental protection, and can meet the needs of various projects. The plates are also widely used in the piano manufacturing industry.

Spruce is an evergreen tree with a height of about 30 meters. At present, China has 17 varieties and 9 varieties, which are unique to China. Most of them are distributed in the eastern part of Qinghai Province. Spruce is a tall tree of coniferous type, with bark gray, shedding scales, and flat leaves. These twigs are hairy on their leaves and are yellowish brown. The leaves are curved, pinkish green, surrounded by stomata lines, monoecious, flowering in May each year, the cones mature in October, and the cycle is obvious.

The spruce sheet is easy to dry and stable after drying. Warping or twisting is not easy. Due to its long fiber length, soft texture and soft texture, it can process a variety of fasteners that meet the tight tolerance requirements. North American spruce is easy to shave. The surface after shaving is smooth, shiny, and free from cracks. It absorbs pigments and colorants very well, and is light and uniform in color, so it requires less coating than most other woods. Widely used in structural materials, veneers, masts, agricultural equipment, boxes, organ pipes, barrels, cutting wood, joinery, furniture parts, musical instruments, building joinery, blinds, interior wall panels, etc.

Spruce sheets allow us to make the most of our wood resources. The entire tree, regardless of tree species, shape and age, can be used to make engineered wood products. For example, some wood-based panels can be used to make small trees, as well as tree species that cannot make wood-based panels, or by-products produced by other manufacturing processes, such as wood chips. Compared with typical building materials, the main advantages of engineering materials are their stability and large structural strength. This means that the joists and beams can be used in the engineering of many steel structures. Builders use engineered wood products to build shelves, beams, columns, windows and door frames that are emerging. Specially engineered wood products have unique characteristics and are suitable for the construction of various end products such as ships, trucks and even decorative furniture. In addition, engineered wood products can be designed or customized to reduce construction waste. This also helps to balance the needs of large trees and compact trees.

There are many resins in the spruce sheet. Therefore, high humidity and humidity are required in the air. Water absorption will be deformed. of course. The long drying time is good because the resin has been oxidized. The spruce is hard and can be made of thin plates with clear sound. But the general material is not bold, so it is also fragile. Because it is more susceptible to damage. Briar is less spruce and cedar resin. So the demand for climate is not high. Another natural pest control. Yang Xuefei's point of view is that if cedar is used as the tone of playing the piano or the red pine, the pitch of the red pine piano will change greatly in about half an hour! The tone will be very good! Quick Start! But the tone can't be too high / even if the piano is played for 10 years, the tone of the big spruce and the red pine can't be completely changed. On the contrary, the sound is very slow, it takes more than half a year, and some pianos can reach two years or so to really open the sound.