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Performance of keel strips

As the name suggests, keel is a wooden keel that is widely used in ceilings and floor frames. Wood keel, commonly known as wood, is mainly processed from wood such as eucalyptus, pine, and fir. The wooden keel is easy to install and beautiful in appearance, and is a common decorative material for Chinese families. The disadvantage of the traditional wooden keel is that it is not moisture-proof, easy to deform, not fireproof, and not pest-proof. Of course, if the wooden keel is decorated in a place where the humidity is relatively small and does not touch the fire, it is also a good choice. Although the wooden keel is simple in shape and strong in nailing, its shortcomings are also obvious: it is not moisture-proof, easy to deform, not fireproof, and moldy. Therefore, we should pay attention to the best place without water vapor and no fire. If there are wires on the ceiling, the keel is best coated with fireproof material. Before laying the floor, we must clean the gap between the keels.

The keel strip is a kind of wood material, so its advantage is high plasticity, suitable for some curvature, shape and strong nail grip force, so the installation is more robust; its disadvantage is that it is less resistant to water, fire and moisture, and is susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction. In severe cases, the ceiling may be deformed or cracked evenly; the light steel keel is a new type of material compared with the wooden keel, which has the characteristics of high strength, strong strength, fire prevention, moisture resistance, no deformation, environmental protection, and regenerability; It is not plastic, especially turning, folding, arcing, round, and special shapes. Many people have heard that the price of wood keel is lower than that of light steel keel, but in fact this is not complete. Ok, we can only say that the price of good wooden keel is not necessarily low. The poor light steel keel is not necessarily expensive. If you choose the construction team to give you a very low price, then the choice of light steel keel should meet the national standard. Quality, then you have to wonder if you are cheating. After all, the keel is made of many models and styles, such as wooden keels. For example, it can be divided into dry type and non-dry type. However, there is another saying that the wooden keel is made of wool and refined formula, so the processing technology is different, the material is different, and the price will naturally be high or low.

In the living room and other ceiling spaces, there are dark lines, so it is best to apply fire retardant paint on the keel strips. In order to prevent the wood keel from being rotted, a layer of anti-corrosive paint should be applied. Compared with the fireproof and anticorrosive properties of light steel keels and other material keels, wood keels must be fireproofed and treated in the ceiling decoration. The teacher told me many times before the renovation. After all, it was made of wood, so fire prevention and corrosion is especially important. The wood keel is generally made after anti-corrosion and fire prevention. The so-called anti-corrosion is soaked or sprayed with anti-corrosion materials, but now the immersion method is generally the anti-corrosion wood keel that has been processed by the wood keel factory, and the price is relatively expensive. Most of their construction is spray coating, which requires repeated spraying, that is, drying after spraying, and then spraying, so the effect is also very good, not inferior to the soaking effect. After the wooden keel sprayed anti-corrosion fireproof coating is completely dried, the ceiling can be constructed. In general, the surface of the wooden keel that passes through the fire retardant coating is slightly white, which is normal.