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SPF sheet features and uses

SPF sheet is one of Canada's leading commercial softwood species. SPF is very rich in softwood forests in Canada. Due to its flatness, strength-to-weight ratio, processability, value and practicality, this tree species combination has become the most widely used tree species combination in the construction industry. Due to the slow growth of SPF, it grows in the cold northern forests of Canada, and its texture is dense and small, which is conducive to the production of straighter and more stable wood. The SPF is clearly white wood. The appearance of the wood is smooth. The colors range from white to light yellow. The texture is straight and the texture is smooth. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is known for its excellent handling properties. Both the nailing force and the clamping force are very good, and both manual and power tools are easy to operate. Good adhesion, lacquering and coloring. The wood is mainly suitable for: concrete forming blank formwork, house frame, floor frame and wall component, diagonal beam or structural material, partition wall corner, splice board, indoor wiring board, entrance panel, bookshelf, interior wall panel, laminate and packaging Materials, etc., can be made into trays, bins, boxes, and so on. Hey.

The materials of SPF sheet are similar to those of Russian materials commonly used in China, and consumers are easy to accept during the promotion process. Its high strength properties are excellent in both architectural and structural engineering. In addition, its color, texture and processability are also particularly suitable for furniture, and interior applications such as interior decoration are also quite extensive. Rich in resources and low in price. It is understood that Canada has a large area of coniferous forest resources, its forest coverage accounts for about 59% of the country's land area, with a total area of about 5,8823,000 square kilometers, of which about 80% are coniferous forests. In addition, due to the good management of Canada, the growth of conifers is greater than the amount of harvest, and the resource advantages are obvious. In addition, in terms of price, most of the SPFs below 2,000 yuan/m3 are significantly more competitive in the market than most Russian softwoods are priced at 2,000 yuan/m3.

SPF sheet tree species combination has become the most widely used tree species combination in the construction industry due to its straightness, strength-to-weight ratio, processability, value and practicality. Because SPF grows slowly in the cold northern forests of Canada, its compact structure and small size contribute to the production of straighter, more stable wood. SPF is mainly suitable for concrete forming blank templates, house frames, floor frames and wall components, inclined beams or structural materials, partition walls, splice plates, indoor wiring boards, entrance panels, bookshelves, interior wall panels, laminates, packaging materials, etc. Can be made into trays, warehouse mats, packing boxes, etc. SPF: straight wood grain, fine texture; milky white heartwood, light yellow or light brown heartwood, milky white sapwood; soft material, light weight, good durability, not easy to warp; good nail performance; adhesive, coloring, paint performance; Mainly used in construction, abrasives, windows, doors, wood ornaments, pans, etc. Fine wood furniture, ordinary furniture, toys, crafts, musical instrument accessories, musical instrument accessories. Jewelry boxes, boxes, bats, plaques, nails and stencils.