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Grade division of spruce sheets

Spruce sheets occupy a large market in the timber market, which is a good raw material for the production of furniture and construction. It is very strong and has good corrosion resistance. It is used as furniture and construction to avoid corrosion and mites. The harm caused.

Spruce plate is a good material for the manufacture of aircraft propellers in China. Cunninghamia lanceolata is a rare tree species and has been included in the national secondary protected wild plants list. The wood is straight, easy to cut, no hidden defects, heartwood yellow-white to light yellow-brown, striped, heartwood and sapwood are not obvious, easy to process, with good resonance performance, good drawing performance, can be used for utility poles, sleepers, construction , bridges; can also be used to make musical instruments, gliders, etc. R papermaking raw materials. The growth of spruce is relatively slow, so the formation of a perfect texture line takes longer and the color distribution is more uniform. Therefore, the furniture made of spruce is delicate in texture and looks natural and harmonious; the texture is tough and light, so the furniture of spruce is lighter, easy to operate, economical and practical; the natural aroma of furniture is a lighter natural woody fragrance. Not only can people be happy. And mentally, it also inhibits the growth of bacteria and kills them. Some bacteria in the dead air are usually good for the human body.

Spruce sheet, also known as European white pine, has a fine texture, stable wood properties, is not easily deformed and cracked, and has strong durability and easy shaving. The shaved surface is smooth and bright. It absorbs paints and colorants well and is easy to bond. Its soft colors, delicate texture and natural texture naturally blend into the design of the furniture, presenting a simple and original beauty. Spruce has many advantages and uses, known as the "Nordic Green Diamond." Main uses: furniture fittings, ceilings, decorative keels, floors, blinds, cabinet panels, interior wall panels, musical instruments, organ pipes, boxes, tubs, joinery, wood cutting, sleepers, building materials, bridges and other materials.

The spruce sheet is a slow-growing pine cypress tree with straight trunks and dense branches. Its wood is yellow and white, and there is no obvious difference between heartwood and sapwood. Spruce has a clear growth ring. The spruce is dense and hard, and is an excellent material for the support member and the outer cover. Spruce is easy to process and its properties make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Wood density typically varies from 370 kg/m3 to 450 kg/m3 (mc 12-15%). The spruce board grade can be divided into e2 level e1 level e0 level. Among them, ethylene oxide formaldehyde emission is very low, E2 formaldehyde emission is very high, European spruce board is light in weight, easy to install, waterproof, anti-mite, large surface pattern change, and resistant to pollution, good cleanliness, sound insulation, separation It has good heat and performance and requires bonding and treatment to prevent decay.