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About the characteristics of spruce

The spruce plates are light-colored, mostly white to light yellow, with little difference between sapwood and heartwood. The growth rings are lightly shaped and typically have vertical lines, no leakage, and a fine to medium texture. Wood is easy to dry, moderately shrinks, has small dimensional movements, and may have small diameter cracks. The operation is relatively simple, the processability is satisfactory or good, and it has good turning, shaping, solidification, grinding and decoration effects. Easy to bond and medium penetration.

The spruce sheet has clear and delicate ring, fine texture, hard texture, uniform wood, fine structure, no deformation and cracking, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, easy polishing, smooth and bright surface after polishing, and can absorb paint and colorant well. Easy to bond. High strength-to-weight ratio, good resilience and ability to withstand sudden loads. The color is soft, the texture is delicate, the natural texture, naturally integrated into the furniture design, showing the simplicity and original beauty. Due to its excellent processing properties, it has become a good post-treatment wood. It is easy to dry and stable in size after drying. It is not easy to warp and deform, has many advantages and broad application prospects. It is called "Nordic Green Diamond".

The growth process of spruce is relatively slow, and its growth cycle is longer, so the time for forming a perfect texture line is longer and the color distribution is more uniform. When the furniture is made of spruce, its original color can also be vividly expressed. It is very natural and harmonious. The texture is tough and light. It is the material of choice for many furniture making; many furniture will emit an unpleasant smell. The natural aroma of spruce is a light natural woody scent. It not only makes people happy, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria. It can also kill some bacteria in the air, which is generally beneficial to the human body.

The spruce sheet was chosen as the sauna board, piano board and guitar. In the Second World War, in order to counter the invasion of Hans by Hans, the clever British invented a bomber made of birch and spruce - "mosquito type". Spruce species are important tree species for forest renewal and barren hills afforestation, and have an important impact on ecological nature and environmental protection. In addition, spruce is tasteless and harmless. Europeans often use it to make food storage bins, which indicates that spruce is highly environmentally friendly and healthy. Later, spruce can be used in paper, construction, furniture and other products; spruce erect, Ye Maosheng, can be used as art, or garden ornamental plants for potted plants, landscapes and so on. Spruce trunks can also provide resin.