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Southern yellow pine long material
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Southern yellow pine long material
Southern yellow pine long material


The southern yellow pine long material not only has beautiful and beautiful natural texture appearance, but also has strong material in all cork species, is not easily damaged by collision and is extremely wear-resistant, and has good nail holding ability.  Due to the unparalleled structural properties of southern yellow pine, it is widely used in various types of structural and architectural applications under various conditions.  southern yellow pine is also the world's most suitable wood for anti-corrosion soaking treatment. Because of its natural porous cell structure, the preservative can penetrate the inner layer of the wood evenly and preserve it for a long time to resist various molds. , the erosion of termites and other microorganisms.  High-strength application of southern pine anti-corrosion wood in the United States: Southern pine has strong permeability. After the anti-corrosion treatment, the chemical anti-corrosion agent is uniformly and deeply retained in the wood, so as to prevent the damage of decay, termites and marine life. There is excellent performance in terms of aspects.  Anti-corrosion ability for more than 50 years.