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Hemlock is a shade-tolerant tree species, young trees are afraid of strong sunshine, and adult trees can grow on the edge of the forest. Its root system is developed, it can resist wind and snow pressure, and has a long life, but it grows slowly. The processing of cassia fir into veneer is deeply loved by people. The yield is high, and there are few defective materials. The quality of green environmental protection and high utilization rate is unmatched by other tree species. The annual rotation of the hemlock is clear, the wood is fine and the hardness is moderate. It is very suitable for cutting the veneer. Whether it is cut or cut, the veneer is light and uniform, and the dark red wood texture is clear and clean. Canadian Firthorn is known for its structural properties and has a high modulus of elasticity. Its bending fiber stress, transverse grain pressure and smoothing pressure are also extremely good, and it has physical properties such as durability of the heartwood and outstanding stability.

Advantages of the product: There are few studs in the hemlock, the cut surface is smooth in the structure, the paint, coloring and adhesive properties are good, and it is also suitable for interior decoration and construction engineering. The hemlock is easy to process and lacquer. Because the wood is hard and the texture is straight, it is easy to plan and has no cracking. Its high strength and stability in use make it very suitable for furniture. The white scent of hemlock is one of the favorite woods of environmentalists.

Product use: 1. One of the main uses of hemlock is to make veneered veneers with extremely attractive effects. The fir-knot has high flexural strength and natural anti-corrosion ability, stable performance, clear and beautiful wood grain, very suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture and doors, and tends to be decorated in Chinese and pastoral styles. 2. High strength and good gluing properties, often used in the construction of glulam beams of various structures, including indoor sports fields, swimming pools, churches and supermarkets. 3. High corrosion resistance and excellent structural properties. It is also the main wood for the production of industrial tanks, wooden barrels and other storage containers. Among the softwood species in North America, Canadian Firthorn is world famous for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio!

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