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Hem fir wood
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Hem fir wood
Hem fir wood

The yamwood hides the heartwood (ie the heartwood and sapwood of the same color), yellow-white to pale-yellow-brown wood; abnormal resin passages, sometimes partially visible in the traumatic resin passage; unpleasant odor (non-pine resin odor). The anti-corrosion treatment of the hemlock is beautiful and firm, and it is comparable to natural and durable cedar. Dry hemlocks remain stable. Shapes and sizes do not shrink, swell, twist, or distort. Most woods turn black after long-term sunshine, but hemlocks retain their color after a new saw after long-term sunshine. Hemlock has strong nail holding power and excellent adhesion, can accept a variety of surface coatings, and is very wear-resistant. It is an economical wood suitable for outdoor use in North America. It is very popular in the market.

The size of the hemlock wood is stable after drying. The wood gradually hardens during drying and aging and has excellent wear resistance over its service life. At the same time, the processing performance is good and easy to process. Because the wood texture is hard and straight, it is easy to grind without cracking. The polished surface is fine and the reflective effect is good. Because the wood surface is smooth and resin-free, it can absorb different paints and colorants. In addition, it can be treated with preservatives and pyrotechnic agents. Due to its excellent chemical treatment, it is a good tree species used to process high strength and high density wood.

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