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Product Introduction

Based on Chongqing and radiating to the west, the company vigorously develops Chongqing and Chengdu as the western central region, and uses mature sales network and stable customer resources to cut into the market of panel decoration materials, building materials and furniture materials.

Product Center

  • Redwood


    Western Red Cedar heartwood ranges in color from a light straw shade to shades of red,brown to a dark chocolate-brown. It is not unusual to find both color extremes in streak form in the same piece of lumber. It’s prominent characteristics includes darkcolor, variation in color, pleasant aroma, presence of peck, very light weight.

  • European red pine plate

    European red pine plate

    The raw material of the European red pine board is a wide range of tree species distributed between Great Britain and the Iberian Peninsula in the west, east to Eastern Siberia and the Caucasus Mountains, and between North Lapland.  In the north, its...