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Contact: Miss Li

Contact number: 13452108775

Chengdu warehouse address: Chengdu Xindu District Guofeng Qingliu Warehouse/Dongyuan Wood Trading Center/QuanYuntong wood distribution center

Product Introduction

Based in Chongqing, Chengdu, radiating the west, through the combination of online and offline sales model, to vigorously expand the steady development of imported pine, spruce in the western market as the goal, is committed to developing into the imported board decoration materials, building materials, furniture materials and provide order type customer service first-class suppliers.

Product Center

  • Spruce


    Spruce is a light-colored wood that is often dried and not shaved. Spruce is an excellent timber species with relatively light growth wheel shape. Its wood is very straight, easy to cut, can be used for construction, bridge timber. Spruce trees grow more slowly and have a longer growth period, so they have a longer time to create the perfect line of texture. The original tone of spruce wood can be fully displayed when making furniture, looking very natural and harmonious, tough but light.

  • Redwood


    Western Red Cedar heartwood ranges in color from a light straw shade to shades of red,brown to a dark chocolate-brown. It is not unusual to find both color extremes in streak form in the same piece of lumber. It’s prominent characteristics includes darkcolor, variation in color, pleasant aroma, presence of peck, very light weight.

  • Russian larch board

    Russian larch board

    Product use: Russian larch wood is mainly used for furniture, building wood, artificial panels, structural materials, sleepers, tunnel support materials, pulp materials and wood fiber industrial raw materials.