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Contact: Miss Li

Contact number: 13452108775

Chengdu warehouse address: Chengdu Xindu District Guofeng Qingliu Warehouse/Dongyuan Wood Trading Center/QuanYuntong wood distribution center

Product Introduction

Based in Chongqing, Chengdu, radiating the west, through the combination of online and offline sales model, to vigorously expand the steady development of imported pine, spruce in the western market as the goal, is committed to developing into the imported board decoration materials, building materials, furniture materials and provide order type customer service first-class suppliers.

Product Center

  • Larch board

    Larch board

    Russian larch is a deciduous conifer, mainly distributed in Russia and Central Asia, growing in Europe, Central Asia and Siberia, and also distributed in China. The height of the tree can reach 30m, the diameter of the flat diameter is 50cm, with ski...

  • Camphor pine decorative strip

    Camphor pine decorative strip

  • Camphor son pine ancient building

    Camphor son pine ancient building