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Application Scope Of SPF Sheet

form:重庆辰森建材有限公司 date:2020-09-09 Back

 SPF board has been widely used in the current wood market. The raw materials of the board mainly come from Canada. In Canada, the production of pine board is very high. For the furniture industry and construction industry, it is very important to choose a good wood. SPF has been recognized in all walks of life due to its excellent performance.

      SPF board is one of the most important forest species in Canada. In terms of forest reserves, SPF accounts for about 17 billion cubic meters, while Bessie and Alberta account for about 5.5 billion cubic meters. It is a commercial softwood species with a large forest reserve in all species in Canada. Almost half of Canada's land is forested, 91% of which has been forested for thousands of years. Only a quarter of Canada's woodland is used for commercial purposes, and only half of it is cut every year. Many commercial forests include the species that make up the SPF population. All Canadian companies manage the forestry in accordance with the rules and regulations and ensure long-term supply with the allowable harvesting rate.

      SPF is obviously white wood. The appearance of wood is smooth. The colors range from white to light yellow. Fine and straight texture, smooth texture. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is famous for its excellent operating performance. Nail fixing force and clamping force are very good, manual and electric tools are easy to operate. Good adhesion, painting and coloring. Kiln dried wood is used as structural framing materials for various types of buildings: residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.

      Wood has a long service life, can build beautiful and comfortable houses, and greatly extend the service life of houses, with good processability. All kinds of wood-based panels are basically made of raw materials, and the products sell well in the Australian market. The length of wood fiber is beneficial to the production of good materials and paper. It can be used to produce tissue paper, printing paper, packaging paper, newsprint and other paper products. There are also many regions in Europe and the United States, but the import volume is small, the mountain wood grain is obvious, the feel surface texture is good; the texture is solid, the finished product structure is solid, the service life is long; the grade is high, suitable for making European pine furniture. The color of the log is soft and the nail strength is strong. This is a good furniture material. Radiata pine can be used to make pine furniture with good color and texture by curing process.

      SPF plate is mainly applicable to concrete forming rough formwork, building frame, floor frame and wall components, inclined beam or structural materials, corner of compartment, splicing plate, indoor line plate, entrance wall plate, bookshelf, indoor wall plate, laminate and packaging materials, etc. Materials, etc. Can be made into pallets, warehouse mats and boxes. Pine SPF board: the texture is straight and fine; the core wood is milky white, light yellow or light brown, and the sapwood is milky white; the material is soft, light and durable, and the timber for construction is quoted, which is not easy to warp and deform; the nail performance is good; the adhesive, coloring and paint performance are good; the main pin is used for construction, abrasives, windows and doors. Wood ornaments, panels, cabinet furniture, ordinary furniture, toys, handicrafts, musical instrument accessories, jewelry boxes, boxes, bats, decorative plates, nails, templates, etc.



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