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Spruce branch

Spruce is a light-colored wood that is often dried and not shaved. Spruce is an excellent timber species with relatively light growth wheel shape. Its wood is very straight, easy to cut, can be used for construction, bridge timber. Spruce trees grow more slowly and have a longer growth period, so they have a longer time to create the perfect line of texture. The original tone of spruce wood can be fully displayed when making furniture, looking very natural and harmonious, tough but light.

Spruce branch

Spruce wood is also called spruce sheet . Compared with Japanese fir, European red pine and American Citi, European spruce wood has lower cold water, hot water extract, alkali extract and organic solvent extract. It is relatively high, and the lignin content is lower than other species, and the average fiber length of European spruce is higher, and the aspect ratio of fiber is also larger. These characteristics of raw materials are favorable for pulping and papermaking. The wood is straight, easy to cut, and has no hidden defects. It can be used as poles, sleepers, buildings, bridges, etc. It can also be used to make musical instruments, gliders, etc., and is the raw material for papermaking.