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Product Introduction

Based in Chongqing, Chengdu, radiating the west, through the combination of online and offline sales model, to vigorously expand the steady development of imported pine, spruce in the western market as the goal, is committed to developing into the imported board decoration materials, building materials, furniture materials and provide order type customer service first-class suppliers.

Product Center

  • Spruce sheet

    Spruce sheet

    The spruce sheet grade can be divided into E2 grade E1 grade E0 grade. Among them, EO grade formaldehyde emission is the lowest, E2 grade formaldehyde emission is the highest, European spruce sheet is light in weight, easy to install, waterproof...

  • German Spruce Board

    German Spruce Board

    Spruce sheet - German spruce sheet
    Product introduction:
    German spruce is a kind of shallow root tree species, which is resistant to shade, cold, cool and humid climate, fertile and deep, well drained slightly acid sandy soil and grows slowly. In ...

  • German Spruce

    German Spruce

    Spruce board - German spruce square
    Branches obliquely spreading, branchlets usually pendulous, young branches reddish brown or orange red, glabrous or sparsely hairy. Winter bud is conical, apex is sharp, bud scale is reddish brown, upper bud scale i...