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Product Introduction

Based on Chongqing and radiating to the west, the company vigorously develops Chongqing and Chengdu as the western central region, and uses mature sales network and stable customer resources to cut into the market of panel decoration materials, building materials and furniture materials.

Product Center

  • Sofa Plate

    Sofa Plate

    The sofa board is strictly a dry planed wood . In the winter, the indoor heating is open and the free formaldehyde in the soft bed of the sofa in the summer is excessive. There will be a pungent odor, especially for sensitive adults an...

  • Imported building wood

    Imported building wood

    With the continuous expansion of the application scope of building square wood, the imported building wood ( imported wood side ) can be seen. Whether indoors or outdoors, Fangmu can be seen in various forms in people's lives. It is also eas...

  • Wood timber

    Wood timber

    Wood structure timbers are: Douglas fir, Southern pine, yellow cedar, hemlock, spruce, etc. Why do they choose them? First of all, their commonality is high strength, high surface hardness, good corrosion resistance, beautiful texture and strong nail hold...